A simple, fast and easy fundraiser!

Turn old purses and high-end handbags into fast cash for your cause! offers teams, churches, non-profit organizations, schools and other groups a FUN, FREE AND EASY way to raise money for your fundraising efforts. All you have to do is send us your purses for FUN, FREE AND EASY cash. We make raising money for any type of fundraiser possible. Start today and raise money for your cause. Not only is a great fundraising tool, but it also helps the environment by recycling old and unused purses and high-end handbags!

To help you in your fundraising efforts, we have created some advertising material for you to print and use to promote your purse collection campaign. Suggestions for promoting your event include placing ads in free publications, on your website or social network page, and adding a notice to the signature of your outgoing e-mails.

Fill out, print, hand out and display your customized fundraising flyers in high-traffic visible places. Once Purses are collected, place in a sturdy box (with packing materials) and print a pre-paid shipping label so we can pay the shipping.

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